In the following answers of Albin Julius emerges all his love for Our Lands and his predilection for products for which we are proud, the wine and the "cappuccino".
I don't feel to be the right person to write an introduction for an interview which brings this title, I, who don't "adore" alcoholic drinks (this thing is not well seen by some friends of mine�), and who drink so little coffee. But� in vino Veritas! And it seems that Albin Julius has showed us a part of this Truth. Art (the True One�) like Disclosing.
The project The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud (the title is clear, yet: there is a reference to a Lunar Spirituality, even hidden by a cloud) presented our Albin mantled by the Female Form, which protects and warms the Virile One; but which, on the contrary to This, does not include the Principle. With the abandonment of the previous experience, the last veil has dropped and the Idea was shown in all His coldness and His martialism. To dictate, with strong rhythm, the Order of the European People!

1.Hail Albin! The project "Der Blutharsch" seems to born from the ashes of your previous experience with "The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud". How do you interpret the passage that led you to this new adventure? How do you see your partecipation to TMLHBAC to the light of today? And, most of all, are you more satisfied, now?

Not exactly, as I started with D.B. during doing TMLHBAC. Initially I wanted to record only one album, followed by a 7" with D.B. but as The Moon kept being hidden beneath a Cloud, I continued working with it. Looking back nowadays - I liked being part of TMLHBAC and the whole thing was an important part of my life, emotionally as well as as a period of time. I like what we did, and sometimes look back with pleasure, but I am much happier today: I can do what ever I want to do, simply because of being the only one in the project, and, well, as D.B. now got much more succesfull than TMLHBAC ever had been, why should I be unhappy... :) ????

2.Since some years you get ahead with a fruitful brotherhood with Douglas P./Death In June. How was born your collaboration? How do you feel to "fight" side by side with a such talented and inspired individual?

We met a couple of years ago, and since then got friends. When I went to Australia for holiday, he invited me to stay at his house for a while, and we thought what would happen, if we both together get locked up in a studio for a couple of days. Although it was very hot and we therefore had to drink loads of bottles of icecooled wine, we managed to end up with a proper album, we both feel satisfied with....

3.I'm very striken by the aesthetic imaginary that crowns the productions of Der Blutharsch; I'm referring to the photographs of statues that you use often as covers for your releases. So, are the sculpture and the music the best "icons" of Ideas?

Yes, the aesthetics are for me very important, and the artwork is a very important part of a release. There is the music/sound one one side, but at the other side the aesthetic/image supports a lot the music and concept of a band. Also, as I like to work with different "arts" and not only with music, graphics or taking and developing photos is really enjoyable for me. First I do the music, and as soon as an album is recorded, I start working on the visual concept, and that's a work I like nearly as much as the recording.

4.In a Der Blutharsch past interview I have read that you are not at all interested in Religion as Spirituality. So, is real that the Spirit is banned from your Soul?

Well, I am not interested or atracted by reliogion, as I haven't been brought up religious. And, I do not like dogmas or dogmatic institutions or ideas. But, spirituality is very important for me, as probably for most of the people. But I take my spirituality not from religions but from other things, i.e. nature, of corse as well wine... : )

5.The iconography of Der Blutharsch betrays a deep interest for the pagan religiousness of the Nord Europa. From which is borned your devotion for the Nordic Paganism? How do you consider the reprise of these themes in nowadays Europa?

Yes, I am atracted by paganism, but as well not in a spiritual/religious sense, but more as an aspect of our culture, history and emotional background. Paganism is only the result of everyday life and deeply connected to our emotionality. But for me paganism has nothing to do with religion. Nowadays, as you mentioned, many people are again interested in it, but as soon as they try - and I guess many do - to find a new kind of religion, or a kind of esotheric message in it, it turns into the same as any other religion.

6.And how do you see Christianity? How do you interpret the collusion between Italian Fascism and Christianity?

Christianity has been a very important part of European culture and history. The church was, and still is a powerful and influencal institution, and therefore undividable from our history. Loads of things happened in the name of god, and "for god". Not only to mention wars, but many cultural aspects were covered by the church. Christianity, over the centuries got part of Europe's culture, and still is important.
I guess all political movements in Europes latest history knew that and as well knew about the influence of the church. The church always had been involved in politics and part of it. It's easy to control people via religion, so it obviosly was wise for every system to have them cooperating.

7.It seems that Your Country is the "nest of the serpents" in the bosom of the last century Europa. What does Albin Julius think about His Country, about Austrians, about nowadays Europa and about the role that the German Nations can still play in Our Continent?

I love my country and I am proud and happy to live here. It's a nice little country with nice and funny people and a good culture and lifestyle. Unfortunatelly, and I think it was one of the biggest mistakes of the last decades to join the E.C.. I am totally against the European Community in it's current form/organisation. Of corse it is a good concept/idea to get Europe and the europeans together (we already had enough stupid and neadless wars on our continent), but the EC just as a community for economical reasons is absolutely needless. We as well don't need a centralised system where each country will lose its independence (politicly as well as economicly). As well, as the case with Austria showed, it is everything else than democratic: we have a legally elected government who got the majority, but as this one is a conservative one, the left governments of other countries won't accept. Very democratic, isn't it???? I always hear that this government stays against the aethic of the E.C.. But, what is this damned aethic????

8.What do you think about Italy? Do you know and appreciate any bands from My Country?

I love Italy, the Italians and their "lifestyle". I am addicted by Venezia, and normally spend at least two weeks a year there, but I also love other places. If I one day will leave Austria to move to another country, at the moment I can only think about Italy. How couldn't someone love a nation that makes sooooooo excellent cappuchino and wine.Vino nobile,....hmmm.
I like some bands from Italy - I like Adriano Celentano and Gigi D'Agostino, and one of my absolute fav's are Ain Soph.

9.The interview ends here. Thanx for answering my questions. Last words�

If anyone has some bottles of "Vino Rosso" left, now you know where to send it too.....

interview by E. Dellanotte